Children’s Ministry


The Children’s Ministry started with a vision – for every child to grow and become strong; to be filled with wisdom, as Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men. (Luke 2:40 and 52). It was a ¬†vision that God’s Word would be alive and radiate in the lives of the children to become a living testimony of God’s goodness to others.

It is the mission of the Children’s Ministry to unleash and motivate the children to excel in their spiritual and academic gifting. Sunday School teachers made sure that they teach the Biblical truths about God. Presentations, remedial classes, and incorporating academic lessons are the strategies exerted during Sunday School class.

A lot of LIC members, mostly from the youth and parents of the children, caught the vision and volunteered to teach.

A new room near the LIC Worship Center was provided accommodate the growing number of children attending the Sunday School. But as months passed by, the significant increase in ¬†attendance prompted LIC to rent a bigger room (Room 105 in Cabrera Bldg.) for the children’s comfort.

Children’s Church classes are also conducted in various LIC Outreaches, opening new doors of opportunities to reach out to the parents to form cell groups.

For several years, the Puppet Ministry has also worked hand-in-hand with the ¬†Children’s Ministry. Puppets are used not only to entertain the young and old alike, but also to convey Bible stories and the Gospel to the audience.

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